Launch of film & video production division

Thinktank marketing Manchester announces the imminent launch of its video division (including corporate video production services) in June 2007. The divison opens its doors for trade in June this year in Manchester, providing a full TV film, documentary, viral advertising and corporate video production services set-up. Planned for 2009, the company is open a corporate video production company office in London Westiminster, due to initial demand as northwest England is still in need of a film production hub, despite leading TV programmes being regularly produced in Manchester by a wealth of broadcasting organisations.

Whilst thinktank and its new partner organisation have provided a full range of corporate video productions, music videos, documentary films and other video services for clients since 1997, the formation of its new dedicated video division adds an extra dimension of creativity. This is one of the most exciting new video production companies entering the industry in the north west of England. And, soon to be opening in London also. London already enjoys high-end corporate video production services will be available to London clients, making it more convenient to access services for clients currently using the Manchester agency base at the moment.

Thinktank says, “This new division will add considerable weight to the company’s services, bringing TV advertising, corporate video production and pop-video services in-house. The division plans to invest in a new state of the art video studio in 2009 at the same time as the corporate video division opens in London. Meanwhile thinktank’s advertising team continues to develop viral advertising campaigns independently from thinktank video productions, with the two divisions planned to merge at some point in the future, once digital services fully integrate into marketing and film services, which is envisaged to be sometime within the next 5-10 years.