Marketing agency on the right wavelength

Manchester’s thinktank marketing agency’s client – marine vibration software expert organisation RCM Marine, wins the esteemed Seatrade Award for Innovation. The company specialises in technologies which are aimed at cutting maintenance and failure costs to vessels, through intelligent 24/7 checking of vibrations caused by machinery such as turbo chargers, cargo pumps and other marine equipment vital to commercial viability of a ship’s operation.

RCM systems integrate into industry standard ship monitoring systems and they can instantly determine and log any variation in behaviour outside normal operating conditions. The company’s ability to integrate such equipment across a wide variety of vessels and marine machinery has earned RCM Marine its well deserved award.

Thinktank marketing assisted the company in its strategic marketing planning, advertising, online presence and a number of other high profile marketing projects. Thinktank congratulates RCM Marine on its high profile award. For further information about RCM Marine’s products.