Launching products: how to

How to launch a product: marketing know how

Thinktank’s Stuart Murphy was invited to share thinktank’s expertise in product launch marketing with its readership. With more than 15-years experience of launching products across the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Sports Marketing, Finance, Banking, Automotive, Training, Education, NHS, Public Sector, Music. Technology, Building Services, Venue Marketing, Football, and Film industry, Stuart produced a how-to guide to launching products. An essential asset for marketing directors and marketing managers thinking about launching new products and services into competitive market arenas.

The skills required to successfully implement go-to-market strategy depends very much on the industry, however there are some common elements which need to be included for a launch to be successful, regardless of how good or innovative the product or service is. Go-to-market, or product launch planning takes a considerable amount of time and experience to master.

Thinktank has written articles for numerous publications including; Marketing Week, The Daily Telegraph, E-web magazine, Manchester Evening News, The Liverpool Daily Post & Echo, Conference & Incentive Travel Magazine, City Commuter and a number of other journals nationally and within the Manchester and Liverpool areas. Stuart Murphy has made more than 30 appearances on national television, national radio and regional radio stations, since thinktank marketing moved to Manchester.

If you’re looking at launching a product or service into a UK or international market, thinktank has the expertise to guide, assist or provide a full 360 support service for your needs.